Margaret Lin's Signature Collection

Enjoy our intimate selection of fine handcrafted handbags and accessories.

Quilted Boutique

$160.00 USD

More than meets the eye with this bag!

My Big Plaid Handbag

$170.00 USD

Whatever did you expect to find? Tons of pockets...

Dazzling Sparkles

$200.00 USD

Hey, 'some like it hot'
***SOLD OUT***

Mein Sonntag Blumen

$145.00 USD

Kansas in autumn? Stylish and bold.

The Explorer

$125.00 USD

Warmth, Comfort and Harmony


$200.00 USD

Springtime Fresh

Domingo de Picnic

$150.00 USD

Sturdy and spacious. Spark up a conversation with a passerby.

Les Fleurs

$155.00 USD

Simply Elegant

Bold and Cute, Meow!

$75.00 USD

Be Bold - Be Cute - Stand Out